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Vampires exist. They're everywhere. I kill them. And that's all you need to know.

About Blade

Blade is a half vampire, half human hunter of the undead. He was born of a woman that had been attacked by a vampire (Deacon Frost) and killed (later found to be turned). His title 'daywalker' refers to the fact that sunlight does not harm him. It was once said to him by Frost, "You have all of our strengths and none of our weaknesses". Essentially, this sums up Blade's abilities in a nutshell. He has the supernatural strength, speed, agility, regeneration, and senses of a vampire, but is not weak against garlic, silver, or sunlight. In fact, he uses all three in his ongoing war against the undead along with some other scientific advances like EDTA (for 'exploding vampire heads'). Unfortunately, he ages like a human and still needs to feed on blood to survive. Thus far, he has survived on a special syrum that has been upgraded several times to match his body's adjustments to it.

Recently, Blade awoke from a long torpor induced by the effects of the vampire plague he helped release on his own system. He decided that giving in willingly to this was best since he was no longer needed; as far as he knew, vampires had been eradicated. However, upon waking up he discovered that vampires were coming back. He needed to find the source of the infestation.. And if he does, he will take it out again.

Several major cities such as New York and LA and Miami have been infested. Thinking the source was in LA, he went there first. He found Frost and with a great deal of help, managed to stop him. His job done, he left LA to continue his hunt with only Abigail Whistler by his side, but even she split off to do her own thing eventually. He hunted alone again for a time, but that is just fine by him. Frost was just one source of the suckhead plague. He now knows there are others, and his hunt goes on. Now he has a new partner, the X-Man Megan Gwynn, aka Pixie. They make a good team, and recently, it seems there might be more between them than just friendship. He's extended an offer to Julian, aka Hellion, to join them in the hunt, and Megan has informally called them "The New Nightstalkers". It works for him, as long as the job still gets done.

Special Note: This Blade is based on the movie. I've since updated the PB for current style purposes to be Boris Kodjoe. However, taking a page from the comics, I will say that I will play him as being highly dedicated to the elimination of any supernatural threats. (He once hunted Ghost Rider from what I understand, despite Ghost Rider being kind of good. Kind of.) Where appropriate, I'll likely pull in comic canon.

(Mun and muse are both over 18. Blade is owned by Marvel Comics, this journal is just for funsies.)
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